Japan has been well known as fully developed country but if you phone to any Japanese company in your language, you would recognize how difficult to communicate with them! Even if you were in a good luck, less than one company would communicate with you among 100 trials. Procedures of business in Japan also seems to be strange for foreigners. If you go with professional Japanese navigator, everything goes smooth and you can save much time and your  energy.

Established by Masao Mogi (born in 1954, Jun 18)
Favorites: Scuba diving, Rockn' Roll, Eric Clapton
More than 8 years stay in foreign countries, more than 12 years engaged in overseas business. I can support you as your business navigator.
My skill is not only business, I have something beyond science. Please pay attention to my picture, can you see white circle on my head? There is no SFX technique in this photo, this is my lucky angel. I believe my angel provides you a good luck.

If you are interested in Japan, but unable to come or planning to visit Japan.

If you are the first time visitor to Japan.
If you are repeat visitor to Japan.