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martensite transformation data of SUS measured with EG-HT

This figures show the transformation of stainless steel. The transformation is occured at about 720℃. Internal friction is upward from 550℃ and it's peak is 720℃. At the same temperature Young's Modulus and shear modulus are down and then upward.
EG-HT, our product, get this data with full automatic operation.

Nihon Techno-Plus Corp. orovides solutions and technologies that revolutionize the way people live and work in peace...
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Nihon Techno-Plus Corp.(NTP) is the most powerful company as developer of the elastic modulus and internal friction meter in Japan.
NTP is going to be a leading provider of Mechanical spectrometer using forced vibration method and Elastic meter using resonant vibration method in the world. We make many kinds of equipment of elastic and internal friction measurement. We can offer data of from small specimen (for example 0.03mm thickness or diameter) to very large sample (for exmaple wood with 30cm diameter) . At the same time we are being a supplier of the physical solution about its measurements and technologies .
We produce many kinds of measuring devices and inspection systems, following the customer's requirements and orders.

1.Introduction of Our Company

2.Introduction of Our Products

2-1.High temperature multiple elastmeter
2-2.Free vibration type equip. for Young's mod. & internal friction
2-3.Free vibration type equip. for mod. of rigidty & internal friction 2-4.Young's modulus elastometer for thin wire and thin plate
2-5.All moduli elastmeter for crystal or anisotropy materials

3.Technologies about Elastic Modulus

4.Technologies about Internal Friction

5.Thesaurus of Technical Terms

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