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Outline of the Equipment

This equipment can measure the Young's modulus(E), modulus of rigidity(G),internal friction (damping) in lateral and twist vibrations and other elastic properties of various materials by the charasteristic vibration method.
Once setting the specimen all measurement can be carried automatically and at the same time, even yielding the Poisson's ratio(P) .

In addition,the mechanism of this EG-HT allows the simultaneuos measurements of the thermal expansion coefficient and the strain mesurement in large amplitude vibrations. This is a real multiple elastometer applicable to the measurements of the amplitude dependent elastic constants, visco-elastic properties, fatigue testing, creep testing ,etc.
Such an ability of measuring various materials properties certainly makes the EG-HT a very useful tool for the advanced research and development of materials.

The above mentioned multiplicity is realized by employing the method of resonant vibration in cantilever specimen holding, and other outstanding characteristic of this device are good stability in high temperature measurement and the measurement of very fast damping.

The traditional free resonance type device with free wire suspention has an excellent reproducibility of measurement, but above around 600, to identify the necessary characteristic vibration is very difficult due to the generation of miscellaneous vibration, which could lead to wrong data collection.
Another useful technique, the ultrasonic method, might also be erroneous in the identification of reflection signals and the setting of time measurement.
The high temperature measurements are also difficult becauce of the large decay of the permeability and reflectivity of signals.
Accordingly, the improvement of the reliability of the above two conventional methods in the high temperature measurement requires great skill and knowledge.

Comparing with the difficulties of the free resonance and ultrasonic methods at high temperatures, mentioned above, the measurement by EG-HT does not produce any complicated unnecessary vibrations, and, therefore, the frequency of the first order charasteristic vibration is easily found, which enables the fast set-up of frequency and unattended automatic measurement extended to the nominal maximum temperature of 1000.

In order to obtain the uniform temperature distribution and the easiest specimen set-up, the electric power consumption is as small as below 1KW , and no special selection of the place and the area in laboratory sre required.

As described in the above, the EG-HT is an epoc-making elastometer for multiple, simultaneuous and wide temperature range measurements of various elastic constants.
Handling is easy and the price is low, always including the high temperature furnace.

Standard Specification

     Method of Measurement FCantilever charasteristic
               vibration type
     Driving SystemFContactless electro-magnetic 
               driving type
     Range of Applied Vibration FreqquencyF10Hz`200Hz(changeablej
     Detection System FBy contactless detection of amplitude of vibration
     Range of Detectable frequencyF20Hz`400Hz(changeablej
     Materials to be measured FMetals, Ceramics, High polymers, Glass, 
Bricks, and etc. Standard Specimen SizeFRectangular plate of 50`70k~5`11v~1`2.5s(in mm unit) Measurement FFull Automatic measurement with personal computer Electric Furnace FThe nominal maximum temperature :1000 Computer ControllFTemperatures, Measurements, Data pile-up, Printer
Output and Plotter output are all computer controlled. OptionsF As an option, EG-HT can connected with the measuring devices of the free resonance vibration type(JE-series) and/or that of the thin wire and thin plate type(TWE-series). Optional measuring attachments of the thermal expantion , the strain, fatigue testing, creep testing and/or inquiries on other kinds of improvement are wellcome.

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